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A journey through the Basque musical roots and other nearby cultures, with echoes of more distant sonorities...


Kuttune is an emerging folk band led by percussionist and singer Nerea Quincoces.

A quality lives performance that allows you to enjoy different sounds and instrumentations with 10 professional musicians on stage.

Their repertoire is inspired by the folklore of the Basque Country, with hints of neighboring music, all fused with new sounds from various parts of the world.

The group's sonority is based on deep research on several sources, such as archives, songbooks, and field recordings, as well as on the search for new tones and textures that combine the modern and the ancestral.

All the music of this show was recently recorded on the band Kuttune's album "Hauxe da!", which was released in the summer of 2021, through its premiere on various stages.

Recently they won 2022's "Folkez Blai" band contest.


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